Welcome to Test Alliance Please Ignore!

You are well on your way to joining the ranks of one of the best alliances this side of Jita. As an alliance, our primary goal is that you have fun; while you are encouraged to come with us on strategic operations, you are free to do whatever you want with your time and our space. Small gangs, PvE, exploration, even mining: all are welcome within our space. While our requirements are fairly loose for new members, TEST Alliance does have certain measures in place for players wishing to apply without Reddit accounts. This is done to ensure the security and enjoyment of both you and the alliance.

What TEST Expects from You

CCP itself once said, “Alliances are built on trust.” Far too often we hear stories of promising players joining alliances, only to steal valuable assets or lead the enemy straight into vulnerable allies. As such, it is important that TEST can trust new members to respect their fellow corpmates. In order to prevent friendly fire incidents, we require a few concessions from new applicants:

  • API Key - Corporation history can tell us a lot about an applicant. By providing a full API key, we can perform a cursory background check and make sure you are right for TEST. Note that being in a corp that is of bad standing to TEST is not immediate grounds for denial! We will treat each case on a person-by-person basis for the best possible outcome.
  • Security Deposit - Your recruitment officer may require a security deposit based on your situation. This is only required in very specific situations. Your recruitment officer will provide instruction on security deposits should the need arise. Your deposit will be refunded to you in full after approximately 2-4 weeks without incident.

  • Once the above are provided, your recruitment officer will contact you with information on how to proceed. We strive to make the recruitment process as quick and painless as possible, and your cooperation ensures that your application is handled with the utmost efficiency.

    What You Can Expect from TEST

    TEST wants to ensure that all new members can begin their new lives in Fountain with as little hassle as possible. To assist this effort, we have established an intricate logistical network of freighters, jump freighters, and carriers to quickly and safely move your assets across the universe. No matter where you live or what you fly, TEST logistics can get it here!

    Your recruitment officer will help guide you through moving your goods to your new home. Here’s a basic outline of what to expect:

  • Jump Freighter Services - TEST Jump Freighters work non-stop providing valuable resources to Fountain; our Jump Freighter pilots are highly experienced in moving cargo through nullsec as safely as possible. You can trust our pilots to get your packaged goods to Fountain. Simply move your goods to a maximum of 4 staging systems; your recruitment officer will guide you through setting up courier contracts to Fountain. Since we encourage new members to move to nullsec, your first import Fountain will be free of charge and fully insured. Once you arrive in Fountain, you can continue to utilize our Jump Freighter services at affordable rates.
  • Moving Assembled Ships - It is expensive to reinsure and re-rig packaged ships. Fortunately, TEST has a network of specially equipped carriers to get your assembled ship to Fountain with rigs and insurance intact. Our carrier pilots are just as experienced as our Jump Freighter pilots, and provide the same insurance and quality of service. Ask your recruitment officer about getting assembled ships to Fountain. He/she will help get your ships where they need to be. Note that due to the cost of jump fuel, we ask that you limit the use of this service out of courtesy to both our pilots and other new members.
  • Moving Capital Ships - Moving your carrier, dreadnought, jump freighter, or super capital to nullsec is incredibly dangerous without the proper precautions. TEST logistics is prepared to transport your capital ship with minimal risk. Due to the sensitivity and complexity of moving these massive vessels, please contact your recruitment officer for details on getting your capital to Fountain.

  • Once your assets are moved to Fountain, you are ready to become a productive member of the TEST community! Our members will help you adjust to your new position in any way they can; simply post on our forums or talk to us on our chat channels to get the help you need. If you have any additional questions, ask your recruitment officer. They have been selected and trained to provide the best possible services to our applicants.

    Good luck on your application, and welcome to TEST Alliance Please Ignore!